Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

What to do when you find tracks left behind by our feline friends on your nice paint job?

It doesn’t take Grizzly Adams to find the tracks left behind cats on a vehicle’s paint job. Claw scratches and dirt scuffs are evident on any vehicle’s paint because cats like to cuddle up to vehicle like it’s a warm fire on a cool night. Short of a big dog we have not yet discovered a sure shot way to keep cats from jumping up on vehicles, but here are some tips for depleting the damaging effects.

  • Keep your vehicle´s paint clean and waxed. This will make the surface slick and the coating is more resistant to damage.
  • Hand glaze is a great alternative to wax. It will create the same results as wax but can be used more often. Too much wax causes a problematic build up.
  • Purchase and use a good quality car cover. This is the ultimate protection but might not be very practical for your daily driven vehicle.

Although claw scratches on your vehicle´s finish are annoying we can remove them using a professional buffing process. Keeping your vehicle´s finish clean and waxed will most likely eliminate the scratches completely.

On another note, cats also like to sleep in the warm engine compartment of vehicles. Many felines have met their maker when the engine is started. An under the hood check is recommended before starting your vehicle if you know that cats have been present.