Wiper Surprise!

Don’t be surprised if your wipers streak and squeak the first time you really need them.

As our nice hot summer winds down into Fall and Winter it is inevitable that the rains will come. DonĀ“t be surprised if your wipers streak and squeak the first time you really need them. After sitting dormant on the hot windshield all summer the rubber wiper blades can become hard and brittle. In this condition the wiper blades will not conform to the curvature of the windshield well nor will they seal and blade water off the surface. We recommend that you at least inspect your wiper blades to see if the rubber is soft and flexible, you can also run water on the windshield while the wipers are operating and check to see if the blades are clearing the water off without streaking.

If your wiper blades are hard and brittle they will need to be replaced but if they seem only slightly dry or stiff they probably just need to be rejuvenated by wiping them with conditioning pads. You can purchase conditioning pads at most department stores or parts stores for a small cost. There are several brands and we have found that they all work excellently. If you follow the easy instructions on the package anyone can easily rejuvenate their rubber wiper blades.

Don’t let the dark rainy days of fall and winter take you by surprise. Clear vision may be the edge you need to drive safely in a dangerous situation. Wiper blades are cheap. Replace or recondition them if needed before driving in rainy conditions.

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