Warning Light Insight

Ignoring Warning Lights Could Cost You more In The Long Run and Raise Safety Issues.

          Check Engine, Maintenance Required, ABS, SRS, various symbols and even warning  chimes. What does it mean when they illuminate? and is it necassary to have your car checked out by a professional?

Even if the Engine is Running OK ,You Need to Get it Checked

             In many cases the engine still seems to run fine with the light illuminated so the driver chooses to ignore it.  We see this scenerio at our service counter often. In many cases the warning light can simply be reset but in others it indicates a computer system malfunction or a mechanical system fault that needs professional service to assure continued reliability.

Don’t Gamble On Your Car’s Safety & Reliability

             Yes, we always recommend having your car checked out as soon as possible when any warning light illuminates. Warning lights illuminate to alert the driver that there is a system malfunction. Any system malfunction will quickly illuminate the corrosponding warning  light and instantly put that particular system into backup mode.

Your Cars Computer is Very Smart

Backup mode is a “fail safe” designed to allow the vehicle to be safely driven to a service center within a reasonable distance. Continuing  to drive the car may cause down stream problems and lead to greater repair costs.

We Are Glad to Sort  Out Any Lightmare Your Car May Have

             If you are confused about what a warning light or symbol means, check your vehicles owner’s manual or call us, we can give you some insight. We can also make repairs, if needed and turn off that annoying light. Waning  lights always come on for a reason, have them checked out earlyon to save on long -term repair costs  and arssure continued reliability of your car.