Vehicle Inspections

For most auto buyers, purchasing a used vehicle can feel like entering a Black Hole. One wrong move and there will be no “Return On Investment.”

We offer a comprehensive used vehicle inspection that will ward off even the deepest of Black Holes! The problem that we have found with vehicle inspections is that many people will not take the time to bring in a used vehicle for proper pre-purchase inspections. We are also aware that many purchases develop very quickly.

In an effort to give consumers some piece of mind we have a do-it-yourself used vehicle inspection form. Our form will allow you to ask the right questions and quickly inspect the critical areas of a used vehicle before purchasing it. This form will not take the place of our comprehensive inspections but it will allow you to hit all of the hot spots and make a much more informed decision to buy.

We have seen too many consumers go into the used vehicle Black Hole without any protection. The result can be a devastating automobile budget blow. Don’t let this happen to you: Stop by and pick up our inspection form, or call to have one faxed.