Frosty the Windshield

Have you seen my ice scraper? This phrase is rapidly spreading through local homes as hundreds of Oregonians awake to the realization that a credit card and hair comb are not the most efficient tools for cleaning a frosted windshield. Winter has arrived! Those ice scrapers may never surface, but you can be prepared for the next wave of frosty winter weather.

A Street Automotive and Collision can’t help you find your ice scrapers, but we can offer you a Pre-Winter Service Package to increase your vehicle’s cold weather dependability.

The A Street Automotive Pre-Winter Package offers the following services for light vehicles:

  • Coolant Condition & Freezing Level Test
  • Starter Amperage Draw Test
  • Alternator Output Test
  • Battery Load Test
  • Chassis Lube
  • Oil & Filter Change
  • Check & Fill All Levels
  • Non-Freezing Windshield Water Fluid Added
  • Clean & Protect Battery Terminals
  • 27-point Vehicle Inspection
  • Coolant System Pressure Test
  • Inflate Tires To Proper Pressure
  • Heater Output Test
  • Wiper Blade Replacement