The Ups and Downs of Emergency Brakes

Emergency brake failure is usually not a problem unless the vehicle is parked facing UP a steep incline.

Have you ever heard of a vehicle that slipped down a hill even though the emergency brake was on? This can happen when the following 3 conditions occur:

  • The vehicle has rear drum brakes
  • is not in gear
  • and is parked with the nose of the vehicle pointing up a steep incline.

You can test your vehicle by setting the emergency brake and trying to back up. Most likely your vehicle will back up with a little more effort than usual, but when you try to go forward it will not move.

Emergency brakes are designed to keep most vehicles stationary while the vehicle is pointed down inclines or going forward. Emergency brake failure is not usually a problem unless the vehicle is parked on a steep incline. Avoid the slim chance of having your vehicle creep away by pointing the nose downhill and turning the wheels into the curb.

Using the emergency brake the proper way will always bring safe results.