A Dab of… Cleaner?

Try one of the new cleaner waxes!

Let’s say that you haven’t gotten around to waxing your car for a while (like years?) and your paint is oxidized or faded. Maybe you feel waxing would be a waste of time. Perhaps there is an alternative for you besides the heart stopping cost of a quality complete paint job! Cleaner wax is a wax that has mild abrasives formulated in to it. Cleaner wax can be found in all popular car care lines.

Meguires or 3M Products are our personal favorite. Using mild abrasives in conjunction with a little elbow grease will remove oxidation and build up which inhibits paint´s shine and clarity. A thorough application of cleaner wax, followed by a coat of premium finish wax can restore some pretty poor looking paint. If cleaner wax does not seem to be doing the trick you can always bring your vehicle by and let us evaluate the paint condition. Buffing or spot painting may be needed in some areas. Our collision repair facility can also do what we call an exterior makeover. This includes a combination of spot paint, touch up painting, buffing and waxing. A makeover can make your vehicle´s exterior look practically new again at a fraction of the cost for a new paint job.