Believe it or not, cosmetics are almost as important as the mechanical condition of your vehicle.

Not having cosmetic defects in paint and interior will not leave you stranded on the road, but they will cause you to loose the warm fuzzy feeling that keeps you from trading for a new vehicle.

We understand that your perception of how others view you in your vehicle is important. This is the reason we like to see cosmetic repairs performed as they crop up. Most cosmetic repairs such as broken knobs, torn upholstery, cracked glass, worn hinges & latches etcÉ are much less expensive to repair than most owners perceive.

Exterior cosmetics are no different from interior cosmetics. Paint buffing, waxing and touch up should be done once or twice per year. External eye appeal is high on the warm and fuzzy list, as it should be. We recommend a good interior and exterior detail on an annual basis. Having this done professionally is great but if you donÕt mind applying some elbow grease in conjunction with good products you can achieve long lasting professional results.

Self-satisfaction will be your reward for a job well done. If you are in need of product knowledge we can give you some great advice. If you just want your vehicle detailed beautifully, just call and make an appointment anytime with our friendly and expert crew.