Collision Q&A

You can choose your repair shop.

Question: I recently informed my insurance agent that I had collision damage on my vehicle and it was in need of repair. My agent informed me that I needed to take my vehicle to my insurance company´s recommended repair shop or they would not guarantee the repairs to my vehicle for life. Do I have to take my vehicle to their shop and who guarantees the collision repairs: the shop or my insurance company?

Answer: No you do not have to have your vehicle repaired at your insurance company´s “Pro Shop” or DRP, “Direct Repair Facility”. Oregon law protects all consumers from this kind of practice. In the collision industry, trying to direct a consumer to a certain shop this is called steering the customer and it is definitely a form of manipulation. The Oregon law reads as follows:

Pursuant to Oregon insurance law, an insurance company may not require that repairs be made to a motor vehicle by a particular person or repair shop.

You can have your vehicle repaired by any shop that you choose. Ultimately the repair shop is responsible for the guarantee of repairs not the insurance company. At A Street Automotive, we warranty our paint and bodywork for life and we put it in writing. Your vehicle is an investment; don´t let substandard workmanship diminish its value. If your vehicle is in need of repairs, simply hand us the keys and let us do the rest. Professionalism, unparalleled craftsmanship and timely repairs are what all of our satisfied customers have come to expect.