Monthly Archives: June 2004

Car Washing 101

A Street Automotive & Collision’s refresher course on how to properly clean your vehicle.

Now that the sun is shining you might want to think about washing your vehicle. We know that is has been a while so the following is a refresher course on how to properly clean your vehicle.

Always begin with the proper tools:

  • A clean 2-5 gallon bucket
  • A soft clean auto wash mitt
  • Auto wash soap (any biodegradable, spot free brand will work)
  • A soft terry cloth towels or a clean chamois

Put a small amount of soap in your wash bucket. [This will minimize water spotting if you choose not to dry your vehicle.] Thoroughly rinse the vehicle, letting the water sheet off (rather than spray off) before washing. This will remove as much dirt as possible to decrease the amount of abrasive materials during the scrubbing process.

Starting on the roof, scrub lightly in line with the vehicle. Working your way down, scrub each panel along its manufactured lines. Scrubbing in line will help blend scratches into the style lines of the vehicle. Be sure to keep your wash mitt soapy and rinse as you go. Do not let the soap dry on your vehicle┬┤s finish as this will cause severe water spotting. It is best to wash when it is cool out to avoid water spotting too. When the washing is finished you can dry your vehicle with soft terry cloth towels or a clean chamois. Do not forget to clean your tools when finished to prepare for the next washing.

Now go enjoy your beautifully clean vehicle!