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Good for the Environment, Great for Your Car!

Drive away a little ‘greener.’

No matter what color you come in with, you’re leaving our collision shop a little ‘greener.’ That’s because we use high quality DuPont Cromax® Pro waterborne products that emit less volatile organic compounds than traditional solvent borne products.

Although waterborne paint is not yet required in Oregon, we believe in doing our part to reduce VOC emissions and protect the environment.

Serving You and Our Environment.

We believe that being a responsible steward of the planet goes hand in hand with being technologically innovative. Sikkens Autowave is a superior auto paint whose goal, like ours, is protecting the environment every day. Serving customers like you means delivering exceptional results in ways that are environmentally responsible.

What’s the Difference?

If you’ve heard of “waterborne” and “solvent-borne” paints you’ve probably wondered how they are different, and if choosing one means better results and the other means it is safer for the environment.
Solvent-based coatings use chemical compounds as the main solvent for thinning pigment solids. Although effective, this method releases Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) into the atmosphere. Waterborne coatings use water as the primary solvent which greatly reduces VOC emissions.

The Informed Choice.

By becoming a customer at A Street Automotive & Collision, you are making an informed choice—we are the first shop in the area to successfully make the switch to a waterborne paint system. We hope that by setting the bar high when it comes to environmental responsibility, others will begin to follow our lead.

You can feel proud when your vehicle is repaired at A Street Automotive using Sikkens Autowave, a waterborne paint system that is fully compliant with the strictest legislative regulations. We’d like to thank you for the important role you’re playing in protecting the environment.

A Dab of… Cleaner?

Try one of the new cleaner waxes!

Let’s say that you haven’t gotten around to waxing your car for a while (like years?) and your paint is oxidized or faded. Maybe you feel waxing would be a waste of time. Perhaps there is an alternative for you besides the heart stopping cost of a quality complete paint job! Cleaner wax is a wax that has mild abrasives formulated in to it. Cleaner wax can be found in all popular car care lines.

Meguires or 3M Products are our personal favorite. Using mild abrasives in conjunction with a little elbow grease will remove oxidation and build up which inhibits paint´s shine and clarity. A thorough application of cleaner wax, followed by a coat of premium finish wax can restore some pretty poor looking paint. If cleaner wax does not seem to be doing the trick you can always bring your vehicle by and let us evaluate the paint condition. Buffing or spot painting may be needed in some areas. Our collision repair facility can also do what we call an exterior makeover. This includes a combination of spot paint, touch up painting, buffing and waxing. A makeover can make your vehicle´s exterior look practically new again at a fraction of the cost for a new paint job.

Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers were invented back when all automobiles had big chrome bumpers. Today, most vehicles have plastic color-matched bumpers. The problem with putting a sticker on a painted bumper is that you (or your vehicle’s next owner) will probably want to remove it someday!

Taking stickers off chrome is no problem, but removing a sticker from a painted bumper can be a real challenge. If a sticker is left on a painted bumper cover for any length of time it will typically require a costly repaint to remove it.

We have many methods for removing stickers, but they are expensive. Save yourself a lot of money and apply the sticker to the lower back window (where it doesn’t obstruct your view) and it can be easily removed at anytime without damage to your vehicle. This way you can easily change bumper stickers.