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Believe it or not, cosmetics are almost as important as the mechanical condition of your vehicle.

Not having cosmetic defects in paint and interior will not leave you stranded on the road, but they will cause you to loose the warm fuzzy feeling that keeps you from trading for a new vehicle.

We understand that your perception of how others view you in your vehicle is important. This is the reason we like to see cosmetic repairs performed as they crop up. Most cosmetic repairs such as broken knobs, torn upholstery, cracked glass, worn hinges & latches etcÉ are much less expensive to repair than most owners perceive.

Exterior cosmetics are no different from interior cosmetics. Paint buffing, waxing and touch up should be done once or twice per year. External eye appeal is high on the warm and fuzzy list, as it should be. We recommend a good interior and exterior detail on an annual basis. Having this done professionally is great but if you donÕt mind applying some elbow grease in conjunction with good products you can achieve long lasting professional results.

Self-satisfaction will be your reward for a job well done. If you are in need of product knowledge we can give you some great advice. If you just want your vehicle detailed beautifully, just call and make an appointment anytime with our friendly and expert crew.

A Dab of… Cleaner?

Try one of the new cleaner waxes!

Let’s say that you haven’t gotten around to waxing your car for a while (like years?) and your paint is oxidized or faded. Maybe you feel waxing would be a waste of time. Perhaps there is an alternative for you besides the heart stopping cost of a quality complete paint job! Cleaner wax is a wax that has mild abrasives formulated in to it. Cleaner wax can be found in all popular car care lines.

Meguires or 3M Products are our personal favorite. Using mild abrasives in conjunction with a little elbow grease will remove oxidation and build up which inhibits paint´s shine and clarity. A thorough application of cleaner wax, followed by a coat of premium finish wax can restore some pretty poor looking paint. If cleaner wax does not seem to be doing the trick you can always bring your vehicle by and let us evaluate the paint condition. Buffing or spot painting may be needed in some areas. Our collision repair facility can also do what we call an exterior makeover. This includes a combination of spot paint, touch up painting, buffing and waxing. A makeover can make your vehicle´s exterior look practically new again at a fraction of the cost for a new paint job.

Fishy Facts: Avoid the Silicon Nightmare

When cleaning and protecting your vehicle’s interior vinyl and rubber, try to avoid the use of products containing silicon.

Using silicon products can make any future paint work a virtual nightmare. Surfaces that have been impregnated with silicon will cause paint to be repelled, causing small round paint blemishes called fish eyes.

You can find a large number of non-silicon products on the shelves of any car care product retailer.

If you prefer old fashioned remedies, wiping down your vinyl and rubber with baby oil does a wonderful job. Baby oil will leave a slightly greasy feeling that will disappear shortly after it is applied.

If you have any questions on what products to use for any area of your car just call us and we will gladly give you sound advice.