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Good for the Environment, Great for Your Car!

Drive away a little ‘greener.’

No matter what color you come in with, you’re leaving our collision shop a little ‘greener.’ That’s because we use high quality DuPont Cromax® Pro waterborne products that emit less volatile organic compounds than traditional solvent borne products.

Although waterborne paint is not yet required in Oregon, we believe in doing our part to reduce VOC emissions and protect the environment.

Serving You and Our Environment.

We believe that being a responsible steward of the planet goes hand in hand with being technologically innovative. Sikkens Autowave is a superior auto paint whose goal, like ours, is protecting the environment every day. Serving customers like you means delivering exceptional results in ways that are environmentally responsible.

What’s the Difference?

If you’ve heard of “waterborne” and “solvent-borne” paints you’ve probably wondered how they are different, and if choosing one means better results and the other means it is safer for the environment.
Solvent-based coatings use chemical compounds as the main solvent for thinning pigment solids. Although effective, this method releases Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) into the atmosphere. Waterborne coatings use water as the primary solvent which greatly reduces VOC emissions.

The Informed Choice.

By becoming a customer at A Street Automotive & Collision, you are making an informed choice—we are the first shop in the area to successfully make the switch to a waterborne paint system. We hope that by setting the bar high when it comes to environmental responsibility, others will begin to follow our lead.

You can feel proud when your vehicle is repaired at A Street Automotive using Sikkens Autowave, a waterborne paint system that is fully compliant with the strictest legislative regulations. We’d like to thank you for the important role you’re playing in protecting the environment.

Factory Finest, Not Aftermarket After-Thoughts

Installation of anything other than factory body parts on your vehicle could result in doing harm to your vehicle.

Professional collision repairs using factory parts can restore a vehicle back to pre-accident condition, however, a word to the wise is the installation of anything but factory body parts on your vehicle could result in doing unspeakable harm to your vehicle.

Factory body parts are engineered to exact specifications and created by the same machinery and tools as the original parts. Exact fit, gaps between panels, textures, metal thickness and corrosion protection are all taken into account by car manufacturers when creating the original body parts.

Collision damage to today´s vehicles can be extensive, expensive and long term so make sure that factory quality body parts are used on your vehicle.

Collision Q&A

You can choose your repair shop.

Question: I recently informed my insurance agent that I had collision damage on my vehicle and it was in need of repair. My agent informed me that I needed to take my vehicle to my insurance company´s recommended repair shop or they would not guarantee the repairs to my vehicle for life. Do I have to take my vehicle to their shop and who guarantees the collision repairs: the shop or my insurance company?

Answer: No you do not have to have your vehicle repaired at your insurance company´s “Pro Shop” or DRP, “Direct Repair Facility”. Oregon law protects all consumers from this kind of practice. In the collision industry, trying to direct a consumer to a certain shop this is called steering the customer and it is definitely a form of manipulation. The Oregon law reads as follows:

Pursuant to Oregon insurance law, an insurance company may not require that repairs be made to a motor vehicle by a particular person or repair shop.

You can have your vehicle repaired by any shop that you choose. Ultimately the repair shop is responsible for the guarantee of repairs not the insurance company. At A Street Automotive, we warranty our paint and bodywork for life and we put it in writing. Your vehicle is an investment; don´t let substandard workmanship diminish its value. If your vehicle is in need of repairs, simply hand us the keys and let us do the rest. Professionalism, unparalleled craftsmanship and timely repairs are what all of our satisfied customers have come to expect.

Collision Decisions? We Can Help.

A Street Automotive offers all phases of auto insurance claim assistance.

From the receiving end, an automobile accident can be a less than pleasant experience. It starts with the traumatizing ordeal of having your vehicle damaged. You are then bound to dealing with insurance companies and repair facilities. The proper approach in this area is the key to experiencing timely, professional repairs with less stress for you.
At A Street Automotive & Collision we offer all phases of Auto Insurance Claim Assistance. Our policy is to work FOR YOU, our customer, WITH your insurance company in a friendly and productive fashion.

Not only will our professionally trained collision repair and automotive refinishing staff carefully bring your vehicle back to its pre-accident condition, but we also offer the following services:

  • Immediate Towing
  • Rental Car Arrangements
  • Pick-up And Delivery
  • Full Insurance Claim Processing
  • Guaranteed Craftsmanship